Misusu FREEkin' Sewing Challenge

This challenge is all about using FREE Misusu patterns. Misusu has a lot of great free patterns of which I'd like to present you three in this blogpost.

At the bottom of this blogpost I'll tell you how to participate in this challenge. And you can even win a (paid) pattern yourself!

I first fell in love with the orgami boat pattern. Oh my gosh, so cute!
Origami Boat

For that origami boat, I saw that the Rowan shirt was used, so I did the same. Never change a winning team they say, right?
Rowan Tee
 And well, if there are shorts to combine with a T-shirt, you might just take that chance too, right? So I also made a pair of Olli shorts. You see: 3 free patterns!

Olli Shorts
 Now the word 'challenge' also got me thinking a little outside the box.
I had the fabric for the shirt, I had the fabric for the boat and then I started to brainstorm about a more complete underwater theme. I made a little list, added things, erased others and stopped with:

- the boat on top
- a starfish on the left with wrinkly, plastic paper underneath so that you can 'hear' it when you touch it
- a little stuffed jellyfish on the right with 8 arms hanging down the shirt. I used textile glue to get the eyes to stick and a textile marker for the mouth
- some fish that I had my Silhouette Cameo cut out and that I ironed on the shirt

I am very happy with it, and so is my son! He wore his Misusu outfit to the beach and we had fun taking pictures as well. There were also some kites that he was afraid of so for all of the pictures where he looks up to the sky a bit frightened, that is the explanation :)

Patterns: Misusu
Fabric: boat: a gift from a friend / shirt: Stoffenmadam / shorts: goodiebag from sewing weekend

Do you also want to participate in the challenge?
Here's how:
- Sew up a free Misusu pattern.
- Share your creation on Instagram, Facebook or in the Misusu Sew & Tell facebook group and use the hashtag #misususewingchallenge

Why participate? Well, because it is really satisfying to sew up great free patterns for once.
And there's a chance of winning a wonderful prize pack as well. Check out the

Do you want to buy a Misusu pattern
For the duration of the total challenge, you also get 15% off your total purchase with the code MISUSU15

Do you want to win a Misusu pattern?
I'm also giving away one Misusu pattern on my Instagram page. Hurry up over there!

9 opmerkingen

  1. Een leuke originele outfit erbij echt tof. Het ziet er uit alsof het uit een dure boetiek komt

    1. Oh waauw, dat is een supercompliment! Niet vergeten mee te doen aan de giveaway op Instagram hè! :)

  2. Ik ben zo helemaal weg van dat shirt! Mij heb je in ieder geval heel veel inspiratie gegeven.

  3. Echt een super leuk idee dat t-shirt! Zo creatief!

    1. Dankjewel <3 Af en toe mag je je eens helemaal laten gaan he! :)

  4. Superschattig ventje in een kei-mooie outfit!

  5. Deze set is echt helemaal af! Zo veel creativiteit en je zoontje is vast dol op zijn octopus vriendje! Bedankt voor je inspiratie!